Track Record

The following is a partial list of some of our past work, as of July 13, 2020
  • Brackets denote principal engagement type:  “S” = Sell-Side M&A  |  “R” = Restructuring  |  “M” = Management Consulting
  • Many engagements include multiple services
  • Public disclosures made on select transactions; click the bold text for details
  • Numerous transactions are excluded from the list below, for privacy reasons

Aerox Aviation Oxygen (S)
Aerotron AirPower (S)
AGC Incorporated (R)
Accessory Technologies Corporation (S)
Acorn Growth Equity Capital (M)
Aviation Repair Technologies (S)
Angelo Gordon & Co. (R)
College Airways (M)
Commuter Air Technologies (M)
Dixie Aerospace (S)
Dyna Empire (S)
Electro-Optical Industries (R)
Firan Technology Group (S)
Fortress Capital (R)
GenMech Aerospace (S)
Goodrich Corporation (S)
Hoffman Engineering (S)
Hughes Bros. Aircrafters (S)
John Hassal (R)
Kahn Industries (S)
Kratz Wilde (S)
Leading Edge Aviation Services (M)
Lunt Brothers (S)
Marathon Asset Management (R)
Mason Capital (M)
HBV Capital (R)

Metalcraft Technologies (S)
Nasco Aircraft Brake (S)
Orn Capital (R)
Perfect Point (R)
Phyre Technologies (S)
Precision Machine Works (S)
Quest Aviation (R)
Rada Electronic Industries (R)
Reimer & Rosenthal (R)
Ritchie Capital (R)
S & L Aerospace (M)
Safire Aircraft (R)
Sandell Asset Management (R)
Shaw Aero Devices (S)
Soundair Aftermarket (R)
Soundair Repair (S)
Strategic Value Partners (R)
TecoMetrix (S)
TL Investments (M)
Transaero CAL (S)
Ultimate Aircraft (S)
Universal Aerospace (R)
UFC Aerospace (M)
Valair Aviation (M)
Wynnefield Capital (M)
Zolo Technologies (S)