Services For Potential Sellers

For middle market aerospace and defense companies, we offer services to help owners understand the value of their companies in the current market. 

Valuations & Fairness Opinions

Our work often starts with a current market valuation.  Our Valuations and Fairness Opinions are based on 20-years of real-world M&A experience.  We apply industry standard Fairness Opinion valuation techniques and we use many of the same techniques, data sets and financial models that are used by buyers. We most often use three valuation methods to develop a holistic view of value: the Income Method, the Market Method, and the Replacement Cost method. Over the decades we have built an exhaustive proprietary data base of market method comparable date, also known as “multiples.”  Using our proprietary data, models and extensive experience, we provide valuation reports that give owners keen insight into the current value of middle market aerospace and defense companies.  Our Valuation and Fairness Opinion fees are based on the size and complexity of the engagement.