Shaw is an engineering/marketing company focused on proprietary products sold throughout the world. As a long-time family business, we were looking to hire not only the investment banker with the best track record, but also an investment banker who would treat us like family. We selected Alderman & Company through a competitive process, in which we interviewed and considered the top aerospace and defense investment banks serving the niche middle market. We thought Bill Alderman and his firm were the right choice and his results proved that we made the right decision. Bill ran a sale process that could not have been better. From drafting the Confidential Information Memorandum, to preparing the virtual data room, to coaching our team on the management presentations on a continuing basis to refine the process. Everything was completed in an exceptionally professional manner. In the end, after receiving offers from over half-dozen of the world’s leading aerospace OEMs, we decided to sell to Parker Aerospace (a premier leader in aviation) for a very attractive price. Bill Alderman is an outstanding professional investment banker. We offer our highest recommendation for Bill and his firm. If requested, I am available to discuss the process with your firm.”

James Shaw

Chairman of the Board Emeritus
Shaw Aero Devices


Bill Alderman is a highly respected aviation industry investment banker with tremendous knowledge about what creates shareholder value in closely held aviation companies. As I approached retirement age, I knew well in advance of selling that I needed expert guidance to maximize the value of my business. I started working with Bill many years prior to selling Soundair, so that we would have time to implement his suggestions to maximize our value, before we started talking with potential buyers. At his suggestion, three years prior to selling, we started holding quarterly senior management meetings with Bill in attendance, to review our quarterly financial results and year to date performance against budget. We would discuss key strategic and operational issues, make executive decisions together, and Bill would help us hold ourselves accountable to our goals, targets, and commitments. As a direct result of Bill’s suggestions and guidance, combined with the outstanding work of my leadership team, we drove a solid increase in cash flow, reduced our debt, increased margins, and enabled our company to present itself to the market as a highly prized enterprise, when it came time to sell. Looking back, I am first and foremost grateful to my family and my management team for their support of our efforts. Closely behind them, I thank Bill Alderman for all the things he did to help build Soundair and then run a very effective sale process that generated a fantastic outcome.”

Robert Klem
Soundair Inc.


We hired Bill to assist Quest in a financial restructuring of the business in 2010. Bill and I worked very closely together, and I got to know him well. The transaction that we ultimately did was a win-win for everyone involved and I am grateful to Bill for his help and support throughout the process. Bill is a talented investment banker with a passion for aviation.” 

Paul Schaller
Retired Chief Executive Officer
Quest Aircraft Company, LLC.


Years before we decided to sell our company to Wencor, we started to work with Bill Alderman. We would meet regularly to discuss strategic and financial issues relating to building and protecting shareholder value. He is one of the most respected investment bankers in our industry because of his practical experience helping companies like ours build shareholder value. While we always thought that selling would someday be a possibility, we took Bill’s advice to help us focus on creating long-term value, not just for a potential sale. His suggestions over the years prior to selling were highly relevant and helped us build real value in our business. When it came time to sell, the market proved to us that Bill’s advice was spot-on and resulted in a sale that we are very proud of. Bill ran a highly professional process and led us carefully through every step, giving us helpful insights and excellent advice all along the way. To any business owner in our industry looking to build value, not just for a sale someday, I would encourage you to work with Bill and listen seriously to his suggestions on how to create shareholder value.”

Matt Mazzilli
Accessory Technologies Corporation


While Bill Alderman is best known for selling companies in the Aerospace & Defense industry, we do not plan to sell our business. Schatz Bearing is a second-generation family business and our plan is to have Schatz become a third-generation business someday. While we are not sellers, we use Bill for the same reason that sellers do—because Bill has tremendous practical knowledge about what does and does not create long-term value in this industry. Because we are very closely owned, we have made the decision that having an outside independent advisor like Bill is extremely helpful to us, so we don’t become insular and so we continue to focus on critical business factors that can dramatically impact us over the long-term. Bill’s advice to us is not based on ephemeral theories or vague concepts. His advice is based on 20-plus years of experience selling companies just like ours. Bill has shared with us many stories about what has enabled his clients to sell for very high prices and what has caused other clients to be forced to sell their businesses through bankruptcies. While I may challenge and even disagree with Bill at times, I always find his advice to be expertly delivered and highly relevant to the key issues that are critical to the long-term health of Schatz Bearing. Over the years, Bill has worked with all of the members of my senior leadership team, on issues ranging from accounting and budgeting, finance, organizational design, compensation, supply chain management, strategic planning, and operations. Bill is a pleasure to work with and a highly trusted advisor.”

Stephen D.E. Pomeroy, Ph.D.
Schatz Bearing